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Team MD21


Kai Frommelt | Race Technician

Kai Frommelt is an exceptionally gifted technician responsible for the technical aspects of our race plane. He works on all kinds of airplanes, from single engines to Boeing 747. Kai also holds an airline transport pilot license, is a flight instructor and is able to fly basically everything that has wings.


Andy Chiavetta | Design & Aerodynamic Engineer

Californian based Andy Chiavetta is highly experienced in building and modifying airplanes. He is well known in aviation and responsible for design and aerodynamics, to give our race plane more speed. By the way, he is one of the best skimboarders in the world.


Lara Sigg | Team Coordinator

As Team Coordinator, Lara Sigg takes care of the team management, communication, as well as sponsor- and guest management on site during the races. The daughter of Matthias Dolderer grew up around her dad’s airfield in Tannheim and the sport of Air Racing.


Michael Stock | Race Team Engineer | Tactician

Michael Stock is an electronics engineer and developed the flight data acquisition and recording system of Matthias Dolderers raceplane, which he integrated together with his son. Michael is an aerobatics pilot since 30 years and employs this experience together with his long experience in competition motorsports to analyze the air race tracks. He closely works together with Matthias Dolderer to optimize his race tactics.


Matthias Stock | Race Team Engineer | Tactician

Matthias Stock is the son of Michael. He holds a degree in aeronautical engineering and is also a competition rally driver. Sometimes struggling with (but mostly in accordance with) the opinions of his father he is the second race tactician of Matthias Dolderer.