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Aerobatics has everything I love about flying and motor sports: speed, precision and skills.

The Red Bull Air Race pilot from Tannheim in Southern Germany opens new horizons and adds strong value to your airshow! While most airshow pilots just stick to their flying display, Matthias offers the full service:
  • High-performance displays around the globe
  • Entertainment at its best without neglecting highest safety-standards
  • Media impact and side-acts for your spectators
  • Branding opportunities for your partners to refinance the show
Matthias Dolderer is top of his game. Flying low-level with high-G turns is his daily business. With his dynamic and aggressive flying style he regularly captivates audiences at air shows and events around the globe. Flying freestyle is what Matthias loves. His show is entertainment at its best, spectacular and thrilling. Due to his skills Matthias is able to push the limits where others might hold back.

You would like to book Matthias for an air show in Middle East, South America or Asia? No problem at all. After years of air racing around the globe, Matthias also has the flexibility, experience and contacts for world-wide shipping at mi-nimum costs and time.

As organizer of Europe’s biggest fly-in, I know how important it is to arrange a high quality show. Top acts guarantee safety and interest of spectators, media and sponsors. With our full-service we would like to round-up this circle and close this gap in air show business.

Booking Information:

To book Matthias to fly an airshow, please send your request to: - Thank You!

The Aircraft

  • Name:   Edge 540
  • Place of Manufacture:
    Guthrie Municipal AP, Oklahoma - USA
  • Seats:   1
  • Height:   2.80m
  • Weight:   540kg
  • Top Speed:   426km/h
  • Max G:   +/-12G
  • Wing design:   Symmetric, carbon fibre
  • Propeller:   3-blade composite
  • Manufacturer / Designer:   Zivko Aeronautics, Inc.
  • Type:   Unlimited Race/Aerobatic Aircraft
  • Fuselage Length:   6.30m
  • Wing Span:   8.06m
  • Performance:   340hp
  • Roll Rate:   420°/sec
  • Engine:   Lycoming AEIO 540 EXP
  • Fuselage:   Steel tube frame